Induction Casting for Gold

Gold is a soft, precious metal that is commonly used to produce jewelry, printed circuit boards, as well as medical equipment and components in technology, for a range of industries.

With a melting point of 1,948°F, RDO Induction supplies a wide range of gold melting and smelting systems for small and large volume melting requirements.  In addition, RDO supplies a range of centrifugal casting systems for the casting of gold and its alloys, typically used in the jewelry and dental casting trades. Our gold melting equipment can melt down pure gold and gold alloys, such as yellow gold, white gold and rose gold in a karat range of 10K to 22K gold.

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Induction Casting Equipment for Gold

We provide induction casting for gold equipment such as, EasyCast 12 Casting System. A system for precious and non-precious gold alloys that uses a 3kW heating generator to meltdown and cast gold in a fully controlled atmosphere.  These systems are ideal for small design studios, retail jewelers, small to medium size manufactures and dental casting labs.

The SuperCast J Series Casting System  uses 4kW induction melting circuit and is produced with the exclusive Rotating Coil System (RCS), which keeps the metal under heat as it is being centrifugally injected into the casting flask (mold).  This system is also ideal for larger design studios, retail jewelers, along with small to medium-size manufacturers.

The CS Series Casting systems use a 7.5kW (CS1 & CS2) and 10kW (CS3) melting circuits. This gold melting equipment can handle larger melt volumes which are more suitable for higher volume jewelry manufacturers.

Melting & Smelting Equipment

The Shuttle Electric Melter is an electric melting & smelting furnace that is compact, portable, easy to use and ideal when melting smaller amounts of gold between 1kg to 2kg. The furnace reaches up to a maximum of 2000°F to easily melt down gold within 45 minutes.

Gold Melting FurnaceThe  EasyMelt Induction Bench Top Melter is a portable and fast melting electrical furnace for small batches of gold, such as 2kg. Reaching a maximum temperature of 2400°F, this benchtop melter melts down gold in approximately 10-15 minutes.

Our LC & S Lift and Pour Series Smelters are perfect for mid to larger volumes of gold from 4-12kg. Using 5 to 12 kW of power, this allows faster melt times of approximately 5-10 minutes.

Watch our Metal Melting Equipment in Action:


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