Getter Firing

Getter FiringA getter is a device containing powdered metal that reacts strongly to oxygen.  In vacuum tubes such as television sets, light bulbs, cathode ray tubes and vacuum insulated tubes, the getter is heated using induction getter firing equipment and the activated material to oxidize and absorb oxygen and other impurities from inside the vacuum, thus increasing the tube’s life.  A common element used as a getter is barium.

Induction getter firing equipment works by producing an alternating magnetic field from an induction generator and distributing it through an induction coil that is applied to the glass surface of vacuum tubes.  The alternating magnetic field excites and heats the powdered metal within the glass tube to heat the and activate the getter to 2012°F

Getter Firing Equipment

RDO distributes the Model HFI series induction heating system.  The HFI Series features a broad 135-400 kHz frequency range and a modern compact design that is rugged and reliable.  This is the ideal induction getter firing system for meeting the demanding conditions imposed by high production processes.  The HFI’s Solid State Circuitry makes it highly efficient.  The HFI Series of power supplies range from 3kW to 120 kW Output Power.

The standard user interface allows for connection with external devices, monitoring and integration with automated systems.  Users are able to set up to 12 separate jobs with up to 25 steps per job.

All systems for this induction getter firing equipment are equipped with diagnostic limit indicators for voltage, power, frequency and current, along with trip indicators for frequency, current, over temperature, door/cabinet interlock and water pressure.  These indicators are located on the front panel for ease of diagnostic control.  All systems are also equipped with a full scale meter display, which allows the user the user to monitor power output, voltage, frequency and current.

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