Induction Dental & Jewelry Casting

Jewelry CastingInduction heating is a non-contact method of heating that is used for metal melting and casting for the dental, jewelry and heavy industry.  The metals are being melted to cast and create products for dental work, high fashion jewelry and industrial casting must be electrically conductive.  The electromagnetic waves can be applied directly via a ceramic crucible or indirectly via a graphite crucible to the metal being melted.  Upon melting the alloy to be cast, the alloy is either centrifugally spun or injected via pressure over vacuum into a casting flask to create the part to be cast. 

Induction dental, jewelry and industrial casting provides many benefits over traditional casting methods.  Traditional flame heating/casting or resistance melting have constantly changing characteristics, which reduces the user’s ability to create identical finished products.  The development of Solid-State power supplies means that the induction coil used for induction dental, jewelry and industrial casting will produce a consistent heating pattern over an extended period of time.  The induction process lends itself to high repeatability and the result is users are able to produce consistent, identical results.

The heat produced by an induction melting circuit on dental, jewelry and industrial alloys is fast and accurate.  The heat is produced as quickly as the material it is being applied to will allow, thus eliminating the soak time needed with radiation and convection heat technologies.

Another key benefit to the use of induction heating equipment is that it saves space.  The use of Induction dental, jewelry and industrial casting equipment takes up much less space than many traditional heating methods, often lending itself to bench-top environments and automated processes.  Induction dental, jewelry and industrial casting is also energy efficient.  Machines used for induction casting require minimal power while idle or in stand-by conditions.  The amount of power consumed is greatly reduced because the power is only on when the system is being used.  In addition to energy efficiency, technology used for induction dental, jewelry and industrial casting is a clean heat.  There are no harmful emissions or loud noises.  The heat that is produced is only applied to the intended surface and does not spread beyond the work coil, creating more favorable work conditions.  Contact RDO concerning their extensive series of dental, jewelry and industrial induction casting machines, which include the EasyCast, CS, and SuperCast series.

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