HU Series Induction Power Supplies

model hu 2kW power induction heating


The HU Series induction power supplies is a highly versatile, repeatable, and reliable power supply for a wide range of process heating applications, but excels in applications where small, precise heat zones are required. The system is produced with a highly efficient Series Parallel circuit, which is connected to a small heat station with dry, Litz cables. The heating head has a power capacitor mounted in the head that can be easily changed out with different value capacitors to find the optimal operating frequency. The HU Series is available in a 2kW and 5kW power supply and can be supplied in two output frequency ranges – 250-550 kHz and 550 kHz to 1.0 MHz.

The HU series induction power supplies are ideal for the precision heating, soldering, brazing of small components in bench-top or automated applications.

Major applications include the soldering of electronic components, wire harness assemblies, and RF cable connectors. This HU induction brazing system is also used for the brazing of small assemblies, along with carbide tools and saw blades, not to mention a wide array of heat treatments and precision catheter tipping applications.

HU Series Features

  • 2kW or 5kW Power Supplies 
  • 250-550 kHz or 550 kHz-1.0 MHz Frequency Ranges
  • Available with 1 or 2 Heat Stations (Dual Heat Station system cannot fire simultaneously)
  • Advanced Microprocessor Control
  • Rated for 100% Duty Cycle Heating
  • Trouble Free Tuning & Set Up
  • Standard 9 ft. (3m) leads between the power supply and heat station
  • Optional Interface (RS232, Profibus or Profinet)
  • Optional 3-axis support for exact positioning of induction coil

Model HU System Specifications

HU 2000 2 kW 250-550 kHz or
550 kHz-1.0 MHz
220V, 1-Phase Power Supply: 14x12x6.5"
Heat Station: 2.5x3.25x3.25"
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HU 5000 5 kW 250-550 kHz or
550 kHz-1.0 MHz
400V, 3-Phase Power Supply: 14x12x10.5"
Heat Station: 2.5x4.6x3.25"
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