Induction Wire & Cable Heating Equipment

Induction is also used for the preheating, post heating or annealing of metallic wire along with the bonding/vulcanization of insulating or shielding within various cable products.   Preheating applications can include heating wire prior to drawing it down or extruding.  Post heating would typically include processes such a bonding, vulcanizing, curing or drying paint, adhesives or insulating materials.  In addition to providing accurate heat and typically faster line speeds, the output power of the induction heating power supply can be controlled via the line speed of the system in most cases.   RDO distributes a wide variety of induction heating power supplies that can be used for these processes.

Induction Wire Heating Equipment

Model LFI/HFI and DuraPower Series of Induction Heating Systems offer a wide range of frequencies in power from 3.0 to 500kW, which correlates to technical effectiveness in a variety of customer applications.  Designed with an adjustable tank capacitance and multi-tap output transformer, the LFI/HFI and DuraPower systems are flexible and reliable to meet demanding manufacturing conditions required by induction wire heating and cable heating equipment.Induction Wire Heating

All systems are equipped with Diagnostic Limit indicators for voltage, power, frequency and current, along with trip indicators for frequency, current, over temperature, door/cabinet interlock and water pressure.  These indicators are located on the front panel for ease of diagnostic control. All systems are also equipped with a full scale meter display, which allows the user to monitor power output, voltage, frequency and current.

Heating applications for the LFI/HFI and DuraPower family of power supplies are endless, but they can include brazing, soldering, hardening, annealing, bonding, case hardening, wire & cable processing, getter firing, hot heading/forming, shrink fitting, catheter tipping and stress relieving.

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