Induction Hardening Equipment

Induction HardeningInduction hardening is the process by which metal is heated then rapidly cooled in order to increase the hardness of the material.  The use of induction for hardening will allow for greatly increased production rates versus furnace or flame heat treating and can lend itself to fully automated processes. Depending upon the user’s purpose, the power level required may vary. In terms of frequency required, induction hardening equipment may range from 1 kHz to 400 kHz depending upon the case depth and bar diameter of the material.  Generally, the larger the depth and diameter of the material being heated, the lower the frequency required.  In reverse, if we want to have a very shallow penetration depth into the material, you will use a higher frequency.

Induction HardeningInduction Hardening Machines & Equipment

Induction hardening equipment for thick materials offered by RDO includes the DuraPower series of induction heating power supplies.  The DuraPower series of power supplies are available from 5-500kW of power with a 1 to 400 kHz frequency range.  These DuraPower series is highly flexible and the perfect systems for a wide variety of hardening applications, whether you need to through heat or run at shallow case depths the RDO team can evaluate the needs and specifications required for the hardening of a material and develop the best system and frequency to accomplish the task.  

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