RDO Automation Division Capabilities

RDO's Approach to Automation

As a veteran in the Induction Heating Industry, RDO understands the struggles and complications that you face throughout your manufacturing process. Automating and solving these issues can be a daunting task. Fortunately, RDO is here to help.

Our collaboration goes far beyond just the automation project, is a collaborative effort between the customer and the integrator. Fancort Industries Division acts as an integrator, and together, we thrive.

Fancort/RDO's design and process were developed to maximize your ROI and company productivity and deliver an efficient turnkey solution.

Your automation application's success depends upon collaboration between the integrator and the customer. The more interactive your team is during the automation process, the better the final product will be.

Our projects are broken down into a series of milestones that help you track the project and gain confidence in the final product. We hold mandatory meetings at each critical point in the project to ensure our design and process will most effectively address your application. A thorough statement of work (SOW) is the backbone of every project. We will draft an SOW to save you time and effort. We will continue refining the SOW as we progress through the milestones until you are confident in our proposed solution.

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