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Induction Heating Equipment & Power Supplies

What is induction heating equipment? 

Induction Heating offers a controllable and localized method of heat without contact to the parts (components) being heated. The heat is generated by inducing an alternating magnetic field into electrically conductive materials. Induction Heating technology is very low cost to run and normally creates significant costs savings versus other traditional process heating technologies.

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RDO offers Induction Heating equipment, power supplies & metal heating furnaces from 1kW to 500kW in output power and frequency ranges from 1kHz to 1 MHz.  We also offer induction heating coils to go along with our induction heating machines.

Which industries can use induction heating equipment? 

The capabilities of these induction systems allow us to offer solutions for a wide array of applications, including soldering, brazing, heat treating, bonding, melting, crystal growing, hardening, annealing, and shrink fitting.

We also offer induction heating equipment and high frequency induction heaters for curing adhesives. We are able to provide turn-key solutions from our standard product line and equipped with a complete induction heating laboratory for testing and developing solutions for our customer’s important processes.  RDO also has the ability to design and develop custom power supplies & industrial heating machines based on requirements specific to the customer’s application, which can be stand-alone or embedded systems. Contact us today to learn more about the metal heating systems & induction heating equipment we offer, as well as our induction heating coils.

RDO Induction's Induction Heating Machines