Induction Shrink Fitting and Stress Relieving

Stress RelievingInduction shrink fitting is the use of an induction generator to pre-heat metal components.  The expansion caused by the heat makes the metal expand for the insertion or removal of another component.  Induction stress relieving is a process by which stress from the metal is removed by localized heating without weakening or softening it.

Induction shrink fitting and stress relieving equipment is used by many industries.  Railroads use it in the production of gearboxes, wheels, transmissions.  Power companies use induction shrink fitting and stress relieving equipment to manufacture generator components.  The steel industry uses induction shrink fitting technology to produce roll bearings and roll neck rings.

Induction Shrink Fitting Equipment

RDO’s DuraPower Induction Power Supplies are widely used for induction shrink fitting and stress relieving applications.  The DuraPower series of power supplies are available in a power output range from 10 to 500kW and a 1-80 kHz output frequency, desirable for the heating of large parts, forging applications, melting and other applications where deep heat penetration is required.  These systems have been designed with the latest IGBT Solid State circuitry and offer a very compact design combined with high energy output.  The systems are produced with a hybrid LLC series Parallel Resonant Circuit and will Auto-Tune to the Induction Coil. The systems are also equipped with adjustable capacitance and multi-tap output transformer to match a wide range of induction coils and loads.

The DuraPower induction shrink fitting and stress relieving equipment is equipped with diagnostic limit indicators for voltage, phase failure, over temperature, water flow, current and out of frequency which are located on the front panel for easy view and trouble-shooting in the event of a problem.  The systems are also equipped with an LED display so that the user can monitor Output power in kW, Voltage, Amperage and Frequency.

Other applications include Forging, Pipe Heating, Melting, Annealing and Brazing.

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