About Us

RDO Induction is dedicated to the induction heating industry.  Founded in 1989, our initial focus was induction brazing solutions targeted towards the US Eye Frame industry. Since our early beginnings, RDO has evolved into a full service supplier of induction heating technology to industry for the vast array of process heating possibilities in industry.  Our systems have been used for brazing or heat treating a simple tool to being imbedded in highly sophisticated medical devices.  The basis of our business is industrial brazing and limitless process heating applications using induction heating technology.  Over the years, RDO has expanded our business and industry diversification, so that we currently serve a very broad range of applications utilizing induction heating technology in North America (USA, Canada & Mexico) South America, Asia and Europe.

RDO Induction is now one of only a handful of firms technically capable of supplying the experienced expertise to solve your induction heating applications using Induction Heating technology.  While certainly not the largest, RDO Induction gives you very fast order fulfillment coupled with technical, after sale service that is unmatched in the industry.  RDO Induction is agile, experienced and ready to partner with you, our most valuable asset.

Our mission is to provide you with superior products and support for your induction heating applications.  We pride ourselves that RDO Induction works closely with our customers from the initial phase of an application evaluation, to in-house laboratory testing and justification, to on-time order fulfillment.  RDO Induction normally provides your tested parts —along with a video of the test— for your review.  If your application requires custom fixturing, semi or full automation, RDO Induction works closely with several highly qualified Automation/Integration partners to offer our customers complete turn-key systems.

RDO Induction products include a complete line of induction generators from 1.5kW to 500kW in frequency ranges from 1kHz to 1.0mHz.  RDO Induction is recognized as a leader in Induction Casting and Induction Melting Systems for the Jewelry, Dental and Industrial Manufacturing Trades.  In addition to our standard Induction Heating Equipment lines, RDO Induction has the ability to develop custom induction heating power supplies for specialized applications.

From the strength of our over 25 years’ experience in induction heating applications, RDO Induction will deliver to you custom induction heating solutions coupled with superior technology at a highly competitive price.

RDO Induction specializes in:

Induction Heating Equipment »
A controllable and localized method of heat without contact to the parts (components)

Induction Casting Equipment »  
Induction Casting Equipment for the Dental, Jewelry and Industrial Casting Trades

Induction Melting Equipment »
Induction Melting Equipment for ferrous, non-ferrous and Precious Metal Alloys