What is Induction Heat Treating & Annealing?

Induction Heat TreatingInduction Heat-Treating is the controlled heating and cooling of a metal or alloy in order to obtain a set of desired metallurgical properties.   Induction annealing is the process by which induction heat is applied to increase a materials’ malleability in order to make it more workable.  The accuracy availed by induction heat treating, bonding and annealing equipment is ideal in today’s environment where there is little margin for error.  RDO sells a wide variety of induction annealing and heat treating systems that can be used for heat treating, bonding and annealing.

Induction Heat Treating Machines

RDO offers various induction annealing machines including the Model HU2000 and Model HU5000 systems which are ideal for the induction heat treating and annealing small parts.  These induction generators are built using MOSFET technology and are available in 2.0 and 5.0kW power supplies, which work in the range of 250kHz.- 1.0MHz.  These systems are also ideal for high temperature brazing, annealing, hardening or tempering. These induction annealing systems can be configured with one or two alternating heads, and can be fitted with RS232 Communication Ports.

Induction Heat TreatingFor larger induction heat treating, bonding and annealing applications, RDO offers their DuraPower Series with power supplies from 5-500kW in power and frequency ranges from 1 to 440 kHz,   HFI series with a 3–120kW power range and 135-400 kHz frequency range, their LFI series with a 5–120 kW range and 35-100 kHz frequency range. With the flexibility in product offerings, RDO can handle just about any Induction Heat Treating, Bonding or annealing application that is submitted for review.

These heat treatment furnaces are built using the latest in solid state IGBT or MOSFET technology available.

In addition to induction heat treating, bonding or annealing, these induction annealing machines are perfect for soldering, brazing, curing and hardening large components, including ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.  All systems can be configured for manual, semi-automated or fully automated environments.

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Watch our Induction Heat Treatment & Induction Annealing Systems in Action:

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