Induction Heating Testing Lab

Induction Heating Application Testing LabRDO Induction has an extensive in-house application testing lab. We offer free feasibility testing of your parts. We understand that the heating process is unique for every customer. Based on the heating requirements, RDO will build a proper test induction coil (in most cases), and perform extensive testing on the appropriate heating supply. We provide video capture of the application testing as well as a written report containing the heating results. It has been our experience that by performing lab testing, our customers have been very satisfied with the overall outcome. Testing ensures that the proper induction heating system is recommended for the specific part being heated making it a win-win for both our customers and RDO.

System Integrators

RDO works with various system integrators for automation development. If you have an application that requires automation integration, RDO will work with you from the initial design phase and bring in the appropriate system integrator based on the requirements to ensure a seamless automated process.