Induction Bonding & Heat Staking Equipment

Induction bonding and heat staking is a process that is used heavily in the automotive industry.  It is the use of induction heat in order to form a bond between the metal and any number of materials (plastic to metal, plastic to plastic, glass to metal, rubber to metal, and just about anything else you can imagine).  The accuracy availed by induction bonding is ideal in today’s environment where there is little margin for error.  RDO sells a wide variety of induction equipment that can be used for bonding and heat staking.

Cannula BondingHeat Staking for Inserts

Induction Bonding & Heat Staking Examples

Some examples of bonding and heat staking include activating and curing adhesives, bonding metallic shafts to plastic rollers or gears, and heating a metal rod so that a plastic handle can be inserted onto the rod, allowing the plastic to slightly melt and create a bond between the rod and handle.

Ideal systems for these types of applications would include RDO’s DuraPower and HFI/LFI lines of induction heating systems.

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