Induction Curing Equipment

Reactive Seals Made by Induction CuringThere are a wide variety of Induction curing processes, which include the curing of adhesives, paint/coatings and fastener thread lock materials.  In an inductive curing process, an application could entail the gluing of two metallic components or a metallic component to a plastic component, curing a coating or paint on metallic pipes or heat curing thread lock sealants on fasteners in high-speed continuous feed systems.

Induction Curing Supplies & Equipment

These processes can typically use power supplies with 1 and 50 kW of power in various frequency ranges.  The RDO FlexHeat and DuraPower series are ideal for the curing of a wide variety of applications.  Flex Heat is available in 1.2 to 5kW power with a frequency range from 50-250 kHz and ideal for smaller manual curing applications.  The DuraPower Systems are produced in 5-500kW of power with various frequency ranges between 1-400 kHz, thus lending themselves to a wide variety of curing applications whether they be manual feed, automated or continuous flow. 

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