Induction Crystal Growing Equipment

Silicon IngotInduction Crystal Growing Equipment contributes to four major methods of crystal formation: the Czochralski process, Micro-Pulling Down, Float Zone and the Bridgman-Stockbarger methods.  The use of induction crystal growing equipment is more energy efficient and creates less waste than traditional methods.  Induction heating has been used extensively in the manufacture of semiconductor crystals for use as LEDs, integrated circuits, solar panels, etc. Advantages include the strict control over the highly critical temperature of the molten mass, a clean, non-contact method of heating the crucible, and the ability to perform within varying atmospheres.

Induction Crystal Growing Technology

RDO’s Flex Heat CG Series is produced specifically for Induction Crystal growing built using solid-state IGBT technology in power supplies from 50 to 100 kW and frequency ranges from 10 to 30 KHz.  Due to the compact size of the remote heat stations they can be mounted virtually anywhere; however induction coils can be connected either directly to the heat station, buss work or flexible cable.  These systems can be produced for the customer that has a wide range of applications or the customer that has very precise specifications as to power, frequency and coil design.  The Flex Heat CG series has an adaptive digital phase control providing very efficient operation in a wide frequency range.  The systems also have sufficient tank capacitance to support very loosely coupled loads typical for crystal growing and optical fiber applications. 

The Flex Heat CG series is equipped with an Automatic restart circuit in the event of a brief loss of incoming AC line power (adjustable up to 10 sec.).  System power is automatically ramped back to the level prior to the power loss.

The Flex Heat CG series uses state of the art Solid-State electronics to ensure maximum output efficiency and a high consistency. They are also equipped with a One-Touch Auto-Tuning Feature, which will automatically find the resonant frequency at which the load coil will operate.

The Flex Heat CG allows users to add up to 10 feet of Flex Leads for Remote Heating with a coil that can be hand-held or used for Automated Production.  

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