Electric Melters & Smelting Furnaces

The Shuttle Electric Melters are compact, portable, bench-top melters ideal for a small shop that is melting small lots of Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Aluminum, or various solder alloys. This electric melting & smelting furnace is equipped with a high-quality PYT Platinum Thermocouple for accurate temperature measurement. Once the melter arrives at the temperature which was set on the digital display, an audible alarm will sound letting you know that it has reached the desired melting temperature. The maximum melt temperature of this electric melting furnace is 2100°F (1150°C) and the melt capacities are 1 kg (35 ozs.) gold for the Shuttle 1 and 2kg (70 ozs.) gold for the Shuttle 2.

1KG graphite for electric Melter1oz Graphite Ingot MoldElectric Melter RDO

Typical melt times for a full load of material are about 45 minutes for the first melt and 20-30 minutes for subsequent melts. The melting muffle is produced from an extremely high-quality refractory which will allow for the long life of the heating coils. The electric melting systems are available in 110V and 220V, 1-phase, and come with one-year parts and labor warranty.  If you are looking for a portable electric melter, the Shuttle is the perfect system for you.

Electric Melting System Prices

Prices for electric smelting furnaces are in US Dollars and do not include shipping 

Shuttle System and Ingot Mold PricesDimensionsPrice
(US Dollars)
Shuttle 1 - 110 or 220V, 1-Phase   $850
Shuttle 2 - 110 or 220V, 1-Phase   $975
S1 - 1kg Graphite Crucible for Shuttle 1 System 2.0” x 2.6” x 4.92” X 1.6 $30 each
S2 - 2kg Graphite Crucible for Shuttle 2 System 2.25” x 3.0” x 6.25” X 1.77 $45 each
S2 - 3kg Graphite Crucible for Shuttle 2 System 2.32” x 2.91” x 6.69” X 1.92 $48 each
1oz. x 6 Graphite Ingot Mold 1.9"x 1.15"x 0.5" $68.50 each
5 oz. Graphite Ingot Mold 1.2"x 1.0"x 0.5" $21 each
10 oz. Graphite Ingot Mold 2.0"x 1.2"x 0.5" $26 each
25 oz. Graphite Ingot Mold 2.4"x 1.4"x 0.75" $34 each
1kg (35oz) Graphite Ingot Mold 2.75"x 1.7"x 0.75" $46.50 each
50 oz. Graphite Ingot Mold 3.75"x 2.062"x 0.75" $55 each
100 oz. Graphite Ingot Mold 5.5"x 2.75"x 0.75" $88 each
200 oz. Graphite Ingot Mold 6.5"x 3.75"x 1.0" $195 each

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