Soldering & Brazing for Carbide

Carbide is a very common material used by manufacturing companies for industrial machineries, such as saw blades, lathe bits, burrs, and carbide line wear tools. This material is made of equal parts tungsten and carbon atoms and is favorably used because of its high strength and toughness. 

Before carbide is shaped into a saw blade or a burr, the raw blank must first be brazed to a saw blade, steel shaft, or sleeve.  RDO Induction provides soldering and brazing equipment for carbide to a range of industries.

Brazing equipment for carbide has the advantage of providing speed, accuracy, and repeatability within a safe environment. With proper fixturing, each part is identically positioned in the induction coil and the braze alloy is carefully applied and regulated.  A well-designed induction coil will consistently and quickly deliver a precise amount of heat to a small area. The induction heating power supply’s internal timer can be used to control cycle time or temperature control feedback for each individual part can be provided with Infrared Pyrometer control systems.

Brazing carbide cutting toolsBrazing carbide tips

Heating & Brazing Equipment for Carbide

The DuraPower series is soldering equipment for carbide that ranges from 5-25kW output power and 20-400kHz frequency ranges that are used for brazing medium to large carbide tools.

The Model HFI series delivers 3kW to 25kW of power with a 135-400kHZ frequency range that is used for brazing small to large carbide tools.  The onboard microprocessor allows for the user to program a heat ramp cycle, reducing the system's output power as the material comes to braze temperature so that the carbide does not overheat during the brazing cycle.

The HU Series is brazing equipment for carbide that offers precise heating and brazing of smaller carbide tools, such as carbide-tipped saw blades, and is available in 2kW and 5kW.

In-House Induction Heating Testing Lab

RDO Induction provides an in-house application testing lab for exclusive heating processes based on your application. Our team will work side-by-side with you from the design phase to ensure you are supplied with the best system based on your requirements. We also include a video capture with our heat lab testing and a written report to view all the lab testing results. Click here to learn more about our induction heating testing lab.

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