EasyMelt Benchtop Induction Melters

EasyMelt Benchtop Melting SystemThe EasyMelt bench top induction melter system is offered in two models. The EasyMelt, for gold, silver and copper melting, along with our EasyMelt HT (High Temperature) specifically configured for melting small lots of Platinum, including refined catalytic materials.

If you are looking for fast melt times for small batch gold, silver and copper melting, the RDO EasyMelt Induction bench top melter is the perfect solution.
This portable induction melter system is designed for melting small batches in both low and high volume melting atmospheres. The compact design makes this melter very portable and allows each model to fit easily on a bench-top.  The EasyMelt can melt 2 kg of gold in approximately 10 minutes and the EasyMelt HT can melt 250g of platinum in under 3 minutes.  This melter can be used for repetitive melts all day long.

Gold Crucible 2k Bench Top Induction MelterBenchtop MeltingBenchtop Melting Ceramic Crucible

Benchtop Induction Melter System Features

  • Robust Industrial Design for Low or High Volume Melting
  • Compact Bench-Top System
  • Powerful 2.8 kW Melting Circuit for Fast Melt Times
  • Micro-Processor Controlled
  • Melt times of 10-15 minutes for up to 2kg of gold
  • Approximately 2 minutes melt time for up to 250g of Platinum (HT model)

Easy Melt Specifications

Power Supply 220V, 1-Phase; 50/60 Hz
Output Power 2.8kW
Crucible Capacity 2kg Gold (18K Weight) 1.2 kg Silver
Dimensions 18"x14"x7" H (457 x 355 x 178mm)
Weight 20 lbs (9kg)
Water Cooling System requires water cooling

 Watch our Benchtop Induction Melter in action!


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