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Electro Motor Industry

Induction heating eliminates off-line batch heating in large conventional ovens and enables in-line, single piece flow, for many operations in the manufacture of electric motors.

Shrink fit Aluminum frame or sleeve to stator
Combined with an appropriate fixture to marry the parts, this ensures a low skill operation with extreme repeatability that prevents heat damage to frames. Can be automated for mid to high production volume.

Heat-treat diecast Aluminum rotors
Converts a time consuming, off-line, batch process to a single piece flow operation that eliminates temperature variation from rotor to rotor, ensuring repeatable motor efficiency.

Shrink-fit rotor to shaft
With an appropriate fixture to marry the parts, every rotor is heated precisely and repeatably. For die-cast Aluminum rotors, shafts can be fitted after heat-treat, saving energy and cost by eliminating a heating operation.

Varnish cure and impregnation of wound stators and rotors.
Used a s a preheat or in some cases, total process, large varnish ovens can be reduced in length or replaced by induction heating.

Cure epoxy coatings and Dry Paint
Induction provides a rapid, controlled heat for these temperature sensitive processes and by heating from the part outwards,  allows for out- gassing of the coating thereby mitigating defects.

Braze Terminals and End Rings
Many braze joints can benefit from the controlled, repeatable heat that induction provides, reducing skill level and increasing quality.