S Series Induction Melting Furnace

The S Series Induction Melter is a Lift and Pour induction melter that is ideal for melting gold, silver and copper and can be configured to melt steel and other high temperature alloys.
It has the capacity for 4-12kg Gold melting in graphite crucibles or 1-5kg of Steel melting in ceramic crucibles. These steel heating furnaces & melters range from 5 to 15kW of power for fast melt times using two different load circuits for melting with the graphite or ceramic crucibles. Below lays out steel casting machine specifications.

Silver MeltingMelt and Pour Furnace

S Series Induction Melter Features

  • Quiet OperationSteel Melting Furnace
  • Digital Power Adjustment
  • Microprocessor Controlled with Diagnostics
  • Optional Infrared Temperature Control or Immersion Thermocouple
  • State of the Art, Solid State IGBT Circuitry
  • Ideal for Melting Gold, Silver and Copper
  • Can be configured for melting Steel and other High Temperature Alloys
  • Available in four power supplies from 5-15 kW in output power with capacities of 4-12kg Gold (18K weight) or 1-5kg of Steel
  • Optional Closed Loop Water Circuit

Melter Specifications

MODELPowerIncoming SupplyMelting SupplyDimensions
S4 5kW 220V-1Phase  4kg Au 18x16x38” 125lbs Request A Quote
S5 5kW 220V-1Phase  5kg Au 18x16x38” 125lbs Request A Quote
S10 10kW 220V-3Phase or 380V-3Phase 10kg Au 26x22x38” 275lbs Request A Quote
S15 15kW 220V-3Phase or 380V-3Phase 12kg Au 26x22x38” 275lbs Request A Quote




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