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Induction Melting and Smelting Systems & Products

RDO supplies a wide range of Induction Melting Systems and high frequency smelting equipment from 3.0kW to 250kW in power. The use of energy efficient induction heating for melting, replaces traditional gas-fired systems, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions with clean energy. 

RDO specializes in the supply of furnaces for the melting of non-ferrous and precious metals in graphite or SIC crucible but can also supply furnaces for ferrous alloys and platinum using non-conductive ceramic crucibles.

What is Induction Melting?

Induction melting is the induction heating of a metal, typically within a crucible until the metal becomes molten using an induction furnace. Once the metal has fully melted, the liquid is then poured into an ingot mold or cast into a component at a foundry, or into smaller precise parts such as dental and jewelry castings.

How Does Induction Melting Work?

An Induction melting furnace uses a copper induction heating coil that delivers an alternating magnetic current to the metal within the coil. This alternating magnetic current creates a resistance in the metal, causing it to heat and eventually to melt. Induction furnace technology does not require any flame or gasses that can be harmful to the environment to melt metals.