1.2 kW - 5kW Induction Heaters

Flex Heat Series Induction Power Supplies

FlexHeat Compact for Induction Heating

The RDO Induction Flex Heat Induction power supplies consist of our S-Series (1.2kW-5kW – 50-kHz-250kHz), The Flex Heat systems are built with the latest in solid-state electronics to ensure maximum output efficiency and highly consistent output. The 1.2kW, 2.0kW and 5kW Flex Heat systems are equipped with a One-Touch Auto-Tuning feature, which will automatically find the resonant frequency that the load coil will use.

With the Flex Heat series induction power supplies you can add up to 10’ feet of Flex Leads for remote heating with a coil that can be handheld or easily integrated into an automated production cell. A switching station is also available, in the event the user wants to set up two separate heat stations that could be alternated by setting a switch for the A or B Station.


  • Available in 1.2, 2.0 and 5.0kW power supplies 
  • Adjustable frequency range from 50-250kHz
  • Solid-State MOSFET and IGBT Technology
  • 0-10V OR 4-20 mA Input Control
  • Precise Output Control
  • Compact Design
  • Variable Ratio Output Isolation Transformer for matching a wide range of coils and loads
  • Adaptive Digital Phase Control providing a very efficient operation in a wide frequency range

RDO Induction Flex Heat Advantages

  • Output Regulation of Power, Current or Voltage
  • Diagnostic Limits for Power, Current, DC Volts, Output Volts, and Frequency
  • User Programming with up to 5 programs up to 10 ramp/soak cycles each program
  • Optional RS232/485 Interface for Remote Monitoring, controls, and diagnostics
  • Easily Integrates with Flex Leads for Automated applications or Hand Held Coils
  • Custom Systems can be evaluated and projected

Flex Heat S-Series Specifications

MODELOutputFrequencyInputVoltagePS Dimension
HS Dimension
Flex 1.2 1.2 kW 50-250kHz 110V,1-Ph 7”x9.5”x12.4” 13lbs 7”x 9.5”x 8.3” 15lbs Request A Quote
Flex 2.0 2.0kW 50-250kHz 220V,1-Ph 7”x9.5”x12.4” 13lbs 7”x 9.5”x 8.3” 15lbs Request A Quote
Flex 5.0 5.0kW 50-250kHz 220V,1-Ph 14”x14”x11.2” 44lbs 14”x 14”x 8.7" 46lbs Request A Quote

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