Platinum High Frequency Induction Heating Equipment

RDO Induction Model Platinum High Frequency (HF)

Platinum-HF3-6 for Carbide BrazingRDO’s Induction Platinum HF line is available in 3, 6 and 10 kW power supplies (200-600 kHz).  These systems are optimal for precision heating, soldering, brazing of small parts in bench-top or automated applications.  The Platinum HF systems are equipped with a compact heating head (transformer) connected by an RF Cable to an RF Generator and is available with a single head or two heads which alternately fire.

Catheter Tipping Equipment The Platinum HF is ideal for heating components that require extremely precise heat zones, making the systems a perfect choice for catheter tipping, brazing carbide teeth to saw blades along with the soldering of many types of electronics assemblies.


Carbide Brazing

  • Touch screen display
  • 100% Solid State MOSFET Technology
  • Highly compact bench top design
  • Comes standard with remote heat station
  • Accepts tiny coils for precise heat zone location
  • High reliability, fewer spare parts and less downtime
  • Trouble free tuning and setup
  • Digital control of all functions
  • Ability to create multi-step programs with up to 20 steps
  • Real Time Diagnostics


Diagnostic Carbide Brazing

  • Easy Touch - full touch screen interface,  providing intuitive control of programs and parameters
  • Simple Control - System can be easily integrated into all automated processes or machines
  • Quick Heat - State of the art hardware and software have boost system performance
  • Green Technology – improves the quality of the work environment and reduces the ecological footprint of the heating process


  • RS232 communication port
  • Infrared temperature control
  • Remote display with 50 feet of cable

 PLatinum-HF3 for Carbide Brazing

System Specifications

Model PlatinumHF 3HF 3CHF 6HF 6CHF 10
Output Power 3 kW 3 kW 6 kW 6 kW 10 kW
Duty Cycle 50% 100% 50% 100% 100%
Frequency Range 200-600 kHz 200-600 kHz 200-600 kHz 200-600 kHz 200-600 kHz
Power supply 230V-1ph-50/60Hz 230V-1ph-50/60Hz 230V-1ph-50/60Hz 230V-1ph-50/60Hz 400V-3ph-50/60Hz
Cooling Demineralized water Demineralized water Demineralized water Demineralized water Demineralized water
Pressure min/max(bar) 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6 4-6
Dimensions LxHxP 17”x8”x17” 17”x8”x17” 17”x8”x17” 17”x8”x17” 17”x8”x17”
Weight generator 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 50 lbs 77 lbs
Head dimension 7.9”x3.5”x3.5” 13.8”x5.3”x5.5” 7.9”x3.5”x3.5” 13.8”x5.3”x5.5” 717.5”x5.3”x5.5”
Head weight 7 lbs 22 lbs 7 lbs 22 lbs 26 lbs
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