MINIMAX Induction System for Soldering

RDO Induction Model 1TS & 2TS MINIMAX

Precision Induction SolderingThe RDO Induction MINIMAX is available in 1.5 and 3.0 kW power supplies (450-700 kHz), and is ideal for the precision heating, soldering, brazing of small parts in bench-top or Automated applications. The RDO Induction Model 1-2TS MINIMAX systems are equipped with a compact heating head (transformer) connected by an RF Cable to an RF Generator (a single head for the 1TS and two heads, which alternately fire, for the 2TS). The heating head is easily mounted to pneumatic cylinders, slides or even robots. RS232 Serial Ports for PC/PLC Control are available as an option.

The Minimax is one of the benchmark systems in the RF Cable soldering industries and the precise heat zones you can create make the system a preferred choice for catheter tipping, brazing carbide teeth to saw blades along with the soldering of many types of electronics assemblies.


  • 100% Solid State circuitry
  • Highly compact bench top design
  • User friendly digital display and controls with built in timer
  • Comes standard with remote heat station (Model 2TS comes with 2 remote heat stations)
  • Accepts tiny coils for precise heat zone location
  • High reliability, fewer spare parts and less downtime
  • Trouble free tuning and setup
  • Built in diagnostic system for circuit protection and trouble shooting


  • Optional RS232 or 485 Communication ports
  • Infrared temperature control
  • Gas Dispensing Electro-Valve¬†

Minimax Specifications

Power Supply

1.5 or 3kW



Input Voltage

220-230V, 1-phase 50/60Hz

Generator Dimensions

11" x 13" x 6" (DxWxH)

Generator Weight

25 lbs

Head Dimensions

6" x 2" x 3" (DxWxH)

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